Delos Capital Partners/Delos Life Sciences funds innovation in therapeutics and medtech. The fund focuses on companies in late-stage clinical development or initial commercialization, with selective interest in earlier-stage startups.

DELOS CAPITAL PARTNERS / DELOS LIFE SCIENCES invests in companies whose products have demonstrated the greatest potential for saving lives and enhancing the quality of life for the patients they serve.


Delos Capital Partners/Delos Life Sciences seeks to fund the development and commercialization of novel treatments that can improve the lives of patients, reduce costs and increase quality of care. Delos Capital is investing in the most innovative biopharmaceutical solutions to meet the needs of patients around the globe.


Delos Capital Partners/Delos Life Sciences invests in companies developing devices that address unmet medical and clinical needs in the areas of interventional cardiovascular and neurological applications, ophthalmology, spine orthopedics and bariatrics.